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Re-Financing and Fundraising

With access to a diverse range of products and services through our network of specialist partners in the area of business finance, EnVee Consulting can assist with all of your funding needs. Whether you seek to secure a simple loan or something more specialist and better suited to your specific circumstances and business needs we can help you obtain every type of business finance you will ever need. Some examples of funding solutions available to you are listed below;

  • Growth, Working Capital and Bridging
  • HP and Lease Finance
  • Pre-Pack Funding
  • Invoice Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Peer To Peer Lending
  • VAT/Corporation Tax Loans
  • Property Loans
  • Spot Factoring
  • Personal Guarantee Insurance

Depending on your business circumstances some of these financing solutions may require security by company debenture and/or personal guarantee.